literally my favorite quote in the entire world

It was improv


wouldn’t it be cool if the person u wanted to be with also wanted to be with u 

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I never get tired of this photo.
Ella Fitzgerald was not allowed to play at Mocambo because of her race. Then, one of Ella’s biggest fans made a telephone call that quite possibly changed the path of her career for good. Here, Ella tells the story of how Marilyn Monroe changed her life:
“I owe Marilyn Monroe a real debt… she personally called the owner of the Mocambo, and told him she wanted me booked immediately, and if he would do it, she would take a front table every night. She told him – and it was true, due to Marilyn’s superstar status – that the press would go wild. The owner said yes, and Marilyn was there, front table, every night. The press went overboard. After that, I never had to play a small jazz club again. She was an unusual woman – a little ahead of her times. And she didn’t know it.”


Well, this is a lot to take in at 9 in the morning.

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when u really want a thing and someone offers to buy it for u


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Wait Quietly by martYmage


i dont understand how people can just get tattoos without even giving it a second thought i cant even find the commitment to stick a sticker somewhere

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its a great show from the gifs i’ve seen of it

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